“Oh my goodness! I thought my silverware and glasses were ruined since Cascade had to change their formula so that there are no phosphates. We have extremely hard water, and let me tell you, what a mess. After one time using CitriClean, I could tell I was on the right path. After using it five times, I have no more problems. Thanks CitriClean.”

Vickie G. from Sierra Madre, CA

“As advertised, delivered fast, product works and is packaged in REUSED(NOT recycled) water bottles!”

Robert S. from Houston, TX

“CitriClean is amazing stuff! This is my second order, and it was shipped quickly, and arrived within days. This is good, because I literally cannot use my dishwasher without this product.”

Stacy M. from San Gabriel, CA.

“Very good product particularly since they "are doing their bit" on recycling.”

John M. from Poughkeepsie, NY.

“I have well water and received a sample and was amazed at how clear all my wine glasses were as well as all my dishes. I would recommend this product to anyone who has glasswear with streaks or hardwater spots. Thanks Jody”

Kathleen B. from Denver, CO

“I LOVE Citiclean!! I just finished my 1st bottle, time to reorder!!”

Stephanie C. from Tampa, FL

“Last week I cooked pork chops for twenty friends. Because I was using CitriClean for the first time, I decided to really put it to the test by NOT rinsing my large baking pans after supper. They were covered in fats and juices as they had been cooked slowly. Loaded my dishwasher and FORGOT to push the start button. I was mad at myself in the morning thinking that after sitting all night they would surely NOT get clean. With no expectations I hit the button and guess what......they were perfect when I took them out!!! Yay for CitriClean, can't wait for my next big mess!”

Amy W. from Tampa, FL

“So... my bottle arrived about 3 hours ago. I decided to try it right away (dishwasher has been full for a few days, just waiting for the CitriClean!) I am AMAZED!! This product did EXACTLY what it promises to do. No more white film/residue on my clean dishes! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!! I'm a customer for life!”

Jen K. from Grand Rapids, MI

“No more water stains ... winner, winner, clean-dish dinner!”

Andrew O. from Tampa, FL

"Great business. Second time I have bought from them."

Scott S. from Clearwater, FL