Why CitriClean?

Hey! How do your dishes look?

Your dishwasher is (probably) not broken! In late 2010 many state governments passed laws that required changes to our dishwasher detergent. The new law required manufacturers to remove all phosphate from dishwasher detergent. This change is probably good for our waterways and oceans because phosphate is thought to cause algae blooms. But if you live in a region with hard water, the change is bad for your dishes. Hard water deposits on your dishes are not dangerous, but they look terrible. Phosphate was the ingredient that cleaned the deposits – now phosphate is gone but cloudy dishes are here instead!

CitriClean was designed to work with your detergent to remove the hard water deposits from your dishes. Our Research & Development team worked with chemists and dishwasher experts to create a product that solves a daily problem for millions of Americans. CitriClean is all natural, contains no phosphate, chlorine, or bleach, and it works great!