About Us

We are a small, innovative, family-owned business. It’s great to build a company according to what you believe is important. We started researching the problem of cloudy dishes in 2010. We discovered that many states passed laws that required companies to change the ingredient in their dishwasher detergents. Because of these new laws, many dishwashers began leaving a white, chalky film on “clean” dishes. We saw an opportunity to create a product that would help families have clean dishes again. We talked to dishwasher retailers, dishwasher repair companies, and chemistry professors. During 2010 we developed many formulas for our product but none of them worked. In early 2011 we had a breakthrough and CitriClean of Florida, LLC was founded in March 2011.

Our values are:

Fairness – treat people with dignity and respect.

Fun – we laugh at ourselves (mostly) and each other (sometimes).

Frugality – we are stewards who manage expenses and resources carefully. Consistent, regular labor should be part of everybody’s life.

Faith – we are Christians who marvel at how God shows us constant grace.

Frutescence – couldn’t think of another word that started with F. The first person who emails us the definition of this word wins a free bottle of CitriClean!

Our Location:

CitriClean of Florida, LLC
World Headquarters
475 Lucerne Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

More information about phosphate pollution in our waterways: