When you buy CitriClean you will:

  • Clean the cloudy white film off your dishes – CitriClean was designed to solve a common problem: anywhere there is hard water, many people have noticed a white cloudy film on their “clean” dishes.
  • Make your dishes shine like new again – even if your dishes have been cloudy for many months, one or two washes with CitriClean will restore the original clarity to your dishes. CitriClean is so easy to use: just add about 1½ tablespoons to your normal detergent and run your dishwasher on the hot water setting. Also, you can reduce the amount of detergent you normally use. CitriClean pays for itself!
  • Clean the inside of your dishwasher – hard water deposits can also make the inside of your dishwasher look dull and dingy. While cleaning your dishes, CitriClean will clean the inside of your dishwasher too. Even better, if you have hard water deposits that are clogging your sprayer arm or your drain, CitriClean will clear those blockages!
  • Reduce the amount of plastic that goes into America’s landfills – at CitriClean, we use unusual packaging. Our product is packaged in re-claimed water bottles. We gather them from the schools, beaches, and parks of Florida, clean them, and fill them with CitriClean. According to Fast Company magazine, only about 23% of water bottles in America are recycled. The rest go into our landfills. We are doing our part to reduce the usage of fuel and plastic.
  • Save money on dishwashing – Using CitriClean will help you save money in two ways. First, CitriClean works great with generic or store brand powdered detergent. No need to buy expensive detergent anymore. Second, you can use less detergent with each wash. Most customers get great results with 1½ tablespoons of CitriClean and 1½ tablespoons of powdered detergent.
  • Become famous for being the best cook in your neighborhood – nobody wants to eat a meal on cloudy dishes! When you family and friends see your sparkly clean dishes, they will also think your food tastes better!
  • Look ten years younger – still testing this theory in the CitriClean laboratories….any customer testimonials gladly accepted.
  • Warning – the last two benefits might be an exaggeration.