Cooking in a pandemic

First, let us remind you that we are committed to packaging CitriClean in re-used water bottles. Second, let us reassure you that we are maintaining the highest standards for cleaning our bottles with hot soapy water.

Wow…what unprecedented times we are experiencing! Loss of life, health, jobs, and freedoms are among the things we are mourning. Hopefully, we can all find a source of optimism and/or gratitude somewhere. For many of us, we have been “forced” into a more regular rhythm of family dinners. For my family, we’ve had long dinners at home with rambling, spirited conversations that are longer and more stimulating than most of the food. Immigration, globalization, Wuhan, labor, bail-out money, job hunting, Super Mario Party, and homelessness in California. These are a few of the topics! To me, that is a silver lining for which I am grateful. Long meals with my family used to be rare…now they are more common!

According to NPR, people are cooking more, and cooking adventerously during the pandemic. Here’s the link to the article and podcast. Stay well, everyone. And be grateful for time together! It won’t last long….

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