How much CitriClean should I use?

We recommend you start by using 1-2 tablespoons of CitriClean powder.
You can pour it into the same compartment as your dishwashing detergent.
AND you can use about half the amount of dishwashing detergent that you normally use.
So, when you reduce the detergent and add a little CitriClean, your cost per wash DOES NOT increase. CitriClean pays for itself!

Why does the packaging look home-made?

Because it IS home-made!
CitriClean of Florida LLC does not have any retail distribution yet.
Until that time the company will be a home-based business.

Can CitriClean be used for anything else?

Existing customers have told us they use CitriClean on a sponge to clean the hard water deposits off their faucets and sinks.
Also, it has also been used to remove the hard water deposits from glass shower doors!

Where does the name CitriClean come from?

One of our many key ingredients is dehydrated pulp and peel from citrus fruit.
The aroma, color, and cleaning power of CitriClean are all natural – we get them from the citrus industry right here in Florida!

What is the white, chalky, gritty, sandy, residue or film that I see on my dishes?

If you live in an area with hard water, it means your water naturally has minerals dissolved in it (usually calcium and magnesium).
These minerals are not dangerous, but they can make your dishes look dirty.
If you wonder about your water, see the US map that shows regions of water hardness.

Why did my dishwasher suddenly stop working?

In late 2009, many state governments passed laws that required new ingredients in dishwasher detergents.
Specifically, phosphate was outlawed.
Phosphate was the ingredient that cleaned hard water deposits.
Now that phosphate is gone, many people have “clean” dishes that look terrible.

Why did the government pass those laws?

Phosphate is thought to be a pollutant in our waterways.
When it is flushed into our rivers, lakes, and oceans, it causes algae blooms (sometimes called “red tide”).
Here in Florida, algae blooms occur somewhere along our beaches almost every summer.
They are smelly and they cause fish to die.

How does CitriClean work?

In your dishwasher, CitriClean creates a chemical process called chelation.
CitriClean binds itself to the minerals in your hard water.
Then the soap in your detergent washes away the CitriClean and the hard water deposits get washed away too.