Happy Birthday to CitriClean of Florida!

Happy Birthday to CitriClean!! The first sale occurred April 1, 2011 so CitriClean is now one year old!

We decided to celebrate our birthday in two ways. First, the entire website has been redesigned. If this is your first time here, we hope you enjoy it. It contains a lot more information than before, it’s beautiful, and we think it’s entertaining too. In fact, somewhere in these pages is an opportunity to win a free bottle of CitriClean. The shopping cart is at the top of the first page. So if you are here to quickly buy a bottle or 3, then it’s easier than ever. If you are here to browse around, then please take your time. There is a lot of information here about why your dishes are cloudy. Many people have a white chalky residue on their “clean” dishes. CitriClean was designed to solve that exact problem. To all of our loyal customers – thanks for your business during our first year. We have worked hard to keep costs and prices low and to provide next day shipping for every single order.

Check back soon for the second way we are celebrating our first birthday!


  1. Wake up folks! You’re HOT on Cascade’s butt when it’s the eco-Nazis that have taken us here: 1.6 gal toilets that need 2 or more flushes so they won’t back up; Washing machines that don’t use water and only pretend to wash clothes clean (hey, I’m alergic to the detergent residue that doesn’t rinse clean, even when I do a 2nd cycle in clear, HOT water); and now diswashers that try their best, but lack the muscle that Cascade diswashing detergent used to provide. Oh, having trouble reading this – it’s not your eyes getting old and weak it’s your damn halogen CFLs. Can we “clean house” and put all these clowns in their place? My bet is that Cascade disappears from the shelves almost as fast as Bon Vivant vichyssoise soup.

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