Ingredients and Environment

Why CitriClean?

The name “CitriClean” is based on the key ingredient in our product – orange peels! All citrus peels contain oils and acids that are becoming a popular, all-natural method for cleaning almost anything. We use dehydrated, ground citrus peels to give CitriClean its natural cleaning power. Then we mix in other all natural ingredients to attack the hard water deposits that try to cling to your dishes.

Our packaging is also designed to help preserve our natural environment. Are you shocked at the growth in the bottled water industry? According to Fast Company magazine, Americans use about 50 billion water bottles per year, and about 23% are recycled. Do the math: this means about 38 billion plastic bottles end up in our landfills annually. That’s about $1 billion worth of plastic. Here at CitriClean, we made a decision to help solve this problem. Instead of buying new containers for our product, we have a policy of Reusing. You will be getting our first-rate product shipped to you in a second-hand bottle. We collect our bottles from the parks, schools, beaches, and sporting events of Florida. REUSING is better than recycling, and WAY better than polluting the landfills.

To our knowledge, CitriClean of Florida, LLC is the first company to sell its product in reclaimed water bottles. Each bottle we ship will have a hand-written zip code on the label. The zip code is the location where the bottle was reclaimed. You can see where we got the bottle, and you can feel good about making the world greener, one bottle at a time.

Because CitriClean is made in Florida, we are fond of the citrus industry and we are fond of keeping our oceans free from algae blooms. The design and ingredients of CitriClean reflects those values. Our goal is to make a great product that helps people enjoy meals together with family and friends.

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