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    “Oh my goodness! I thought my silverware and glasses were ruined since Cascade had to change their formula so that there are no phosphates. We have extremely hard water, and let me tell you, what a mess. After one time using CitriClean, I could tell I was on the right path. After using it five times, I have no more problems. Thanks CitriClean.”

    Vickie G. from Sierra Madre, CA

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  • Cloudy-Dishes

    Ingredients and Environment

    The name “CitriClean” is based on the key ingredient in our product – orange peels! All citrus peels contain oils and acids that are becoming a popular, all-natural method for cleaning almost anything. We use dehydrated, ground citrus peels to give CitriClean its natural cleaning power. Then we mix in other all natural ingredients to attack the hard water deposits that try to cling to your dishes.

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  • Water-Hardness

    Why CitriClean?

    Your dishwasher is (probably) not broken! In late 2010 many state governments passed laws that required changes to our dishwasher detergent. The new law required manufacturers to remove all phosphate from dishwasher detergent. This change is probably good for our waterways and oceans because phosphate is thought to cause algae blooms. But if you live in a region with hard water, the change is bad for your dishes.

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  • CitriClean will make your dishes shine again!

    It’s an all-natural additive that works with your dishwasher detergent to remove the cloudy or gritty hard water deposits from your dishes. Some regions in the country have extremely hard water and people have recently noticed their “clean” dishes are covered with a white chalky film. CitriClean was designed to solve this problem. When you add 2 tablespoons of CitriClean to your normal detergent, your dishes will look like new again.

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MakesFunOfStuff Blog Praises CitriClean!

Many dishwashers today leave dishes with cloudy spots, hard water stains, and food particles. CitriClean has been specially designed to help dishwasher detergent work more effectively. CitriClean contains NO phosphates, and uses Orange Peel as a key ingredient.